High-converting MINDBODY websites in weeks

First of all, welcome. We know you’re busy so we’ll get straight to the point. We’re Fetchr – website creators for MINDBODY businesses. We fetch your data from MINDBODY to turn it into experiences that make your visitors happy. Meaning higher conversions. But figuring  this stuff out takes time. And life is short. So we like to keep things simple, from pricing to creating to editing. We get right to it so we can get you launched and winning customers fast. Oh, and we also create awesome branding and marketing.

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Why Fetchr?

Everything you need for your MINDBODY website is right here

MINDBODY is the best platform for running classes, workshops or appointments on. And at Fetchr we brand and build the best websites and integrations for MINDBODY businesses. Then we help power up your site with strategic marketing to attract nice people and convert them into loyal customers. We know what works. And what doesn’t. We’ve seen it all – the good, the bad and the ugly. If you’re trying to figure out the best way to design and build your website and integrate MINDBODY for best results we’re here for you. We’re a group of friendly people in the UK who love getting out of bed every day to help wellbeing businesses level up. Whatever stage you’re at we’re happy to help. Ready to share our secrets.

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Mind-bending branding

Your brand belongs to your audience. It’s how they feel about you. And it lives in their minds. Meaning every touchpoint counts towards their perception. To earn your place in their hearts and minds you need to be you. Not a.n.other lookalike studio. We develop truly individual brand identities for each of our customers. And apply them consistently across your website and marketing. Making you stand out from ‘who?’.

Design that means business

Good web design is more than pretty interfaces. It’s about the experience. How it functions. How it engages. How easy it is to navigate. That’s what converts customers. We believe this whatever your budget. Which is why we pour just as much love and care into our own pre-designed themes for MINDBODY as our fully bespoke designs.

Unrivalled integrations

Once upon a time, integrating MINDBODY into your website was a coder’s job. Then came Healcode (aka Branded Web Tools), with it’s easy-to-deploy widgets. We pioneered Healcode development to add functions beyond its capabilities. And built powerful API integrations for other sites too. Meaning your MINDBODY just the way you want it.

Stress-free hosting

We could try to impress you by telling you that we’ve partnered with the best WordPress hosting experience in the world. And all the neat hosting stuff which will power up your MINDBODY site is included (SSL, CDN, caching, staging site, backups, security…). But you don’t need impressing. You just need to know that if you ever dreamt about hosting, this is how it would look.

Ready to scale

We build on WordPress. Because it’s fast and infinitely extendable. Whether with plugins or custom development. Which means your website can easily grow in line with your ambitions, not tied to a paid platform and their new feature roadmap. Plus WordPress offers the best out-of-the-box SEO imaginable. Combined with Fetchr’s themes, page builder, integrations and marketing built for MINDBODY businesses, and you’ve got yourself a winner. Whatever you want, whenever you want it.

While-you-sleep marketing

Site launched. Now for some customers. We build automated digital marketing systems that bring in traffic, capture leads and convert customers while you sleep. Including helping with MINDBODY’s Frederick and Bow Tie apps. Imagine waking each morning to find your funnel alive with real people engaging with your business. Think of us as your virtual marketing department. Ready for action.

Super tight collaboration

We’re going to need to collaborate closely with you to bring all this to life. We know our stuff, and you know yours. So to share all this knowledge we need to talk. A lot. We need to know your dreams. We need to put all our ideas together, even the crazy ones. Once we’ve agreed the plan we’ll make it all happen for you. And you’ll be free to cook up your next goals.

Budget-friendly pricing

You want the best your bucks can buy. But the size of your budget shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. We’re committed to driving down costs so yours can go further. That way we can launch your site as leanly as possible. And preserve your budget for marketing and optimisations to smash results. So we’ve created simple and affordable off-the-shelf packages for branding, websites and marketing. And for your fancy-pants complex ideas we create bespoke pricing proposals just for you.